Reverse Engineering With High Impact Plastic

Reverse Engineering, also known as back engineering is the process of deconstructing a part to gain an understanding of how that part is made and works.

Strongly linked with OEM parts, Partwell are able to reverse engineer your parts resulting in the ability to manufacture them from strong, wear resistant polymers.

The process can be used across a broad range of industries, converting metal to plastic.

Why Reverse Engineer?

With its extensive plastic engineering expertise, the Partwell team can assist with converting existing components. The team will;

  • Review the existing part for form, fit and function
  • Help you to formulate the design concept in plastic
  • Help you to create electronic CAD files of the plastic part
  • Complete the process by manufacturing the new part with using CNC technology

The benefits of Reverse Engineering your parts are;

  • Less weight and all its accompanying benefits, such as lower fuel consumption and less structural stress
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio
  • More flexibility in product design

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