Rapid Protoyping Services

Prototyping improves the success of development time by correcting issues during the early stages of product development and preventing costly mistakes. Our team of engineers will assist you with the quick development of ideas and products – converting CAD drawings to plastic parts for a conceptual model.

Partwell offer assistance regarding material and manufacturing to ensure a smooth transition from concept to completion from our facility. As advanced engineering plastic specialists we will manufacture your concept in the most appropriate material to suit your requirements for functionality, appearance and budget.

With heavy investment in the latest CAD/CAM package for the 3 & 5 axis CNC machines, you can be assured of the compatibility of all file types and the ability to import solid models.

Running simulations on the part in the latest software to ensure a 100% conversion rate of all components from customer files can also identify potential problems early on without scrapping materials and, more importantly, avoid losing time on fast paced projects.

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