Playground & Signs Plastic Components

Through the use of the in-house 3 & 5 axis CNC machines, Partwell Plastic Engineering can supply plastic parts for schools & playground. This sector benefits from plastic due to its hygienic, easy to clean properties.

From shadow boards for manufacturing facilities to playground educational parts, the team will find a solution for you.

One of the great products available to these sectors is Triple Layer Plastic. This is three layers of laminated polyethylene sheet in different colours. The outer layers are in the same colour with a textured surface finish, a contrast to the middle layer colour.

This is a great design product that inspires creativity and innovative designs in areas such as schools and playground equipment, signage, etc.

The polyethylene grade is high molecular weight (HMWPE) which provides excellent wear and impact resistance, durability and UVA resistance.

Partwell Group are a plastic engineering specialist, turning plastic sheet materials into bespoke CNC machined plastic parts. Example products machined from this triple layer polyethylene include playground fence panels, school signs and nursery furniture components.

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