Conveyor Part Plastic Components

Partwell can manufacture and fit where required, efficient, hard wearing conveyor system parts. The team have extensive experience in supplying CNC engineered bespoke Conveyor Parts for industrial conveyors and materials handling equipment.

Whether you require chain and belt guides, conveyor wear bends or wear strips, the engineers will find a solution for you using engineering plastic materials.

Chain & Belt Guides

As every part is manufactured to fit your requirement, we can offer a truly bespoke experience. Whether you require a part that is 2 Metres or 6 Metres, the engineers will CNC conveyor guide rail parts suitable for your system.

We have experience creating both standard or custom-made profiles that offer wear resistance, impact strength, and if required, acid resistance.

They are generally manufactured from UHMW which provides a high wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. However, we will manufacture using the most suitable material for your system.

Conveyor Wear Bends

Most commonly used in the food industry to support and guide ‘tab and bevel side flexing chains’ around corners. Partwell Plastic Engineering can offer single or multi-channel bends with or without straights as required.

Either working with your drawing or reverse engineering from a current OEM part, Partwell will supply you with hard wearing parts, that won’t wear down as quickly as some brass OEM parts.

Wear Strips

Used to support and guide roller chains, product and conveyor belts. They are designed to prevent chain or belt movement and reduce vibration which can increase bearing and motor loads.

Like all of the plastic conveyor parts, the team of engineers can supply bespoke profiles to suit your exact requirements.
We can ensure that all wear strips are machined to suit standard stainless steel or galvanised carriers where required.

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