Change Part Components

Partwell Plastic Engineers can replicate damaged or worn conveyor change parts and also manufacture new star wheels and change parts to suit your conveyor lines. Original Equipment Manufactured parts, usually made from brass, can be reverse engineered with the use of CAD/CAM technology.

The ability to convert metal to plastic can cut the long lead times for OEM parts and reduce the overall cost of replacing parts of a conveyor system.

The team can recommend the best material for your transfer of metal to plastic conveyor parts. Polyethylene PE1000 – UHMW plastic is usually recommended, due to its ability to offer a high wear resistance, high impact strength, a low coefficient of friction and reduced noise.

If you require new change parts, then the team can work with your existing templates, drawings, or a new bottle you want to bring into production. The parts can be labelled and colour coded to suit specific production items.

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