Health & Safety

Both local and National Engineering and Manufacturing factories have worked with the Partwell Group to minimise workplace safety risks. Often this means replicating broken parts in current plant and machinery or it is designing new and better ways to minimise risk in the workplace.

With a wide range of plastics in stock and bespoke machining capability, Partwell are supplying Safety Screens, Chemical defence surfaces, Water and chemical proof signage, colour coded parts ensuring selection and safe assembly control.

The Clear safety screens we make can be fabricated to fit unique space and machine gaps where projectile safety is required. Clear unbreakable plastics are available.

We understand that health and safety is an area that requires a fast response to ensure minimum downtime and more importantly safety risk. We are proud of our short lead times and capability to provide single bespoke parts.

For more information on custom safety parts for the workplace, contact us on 01254 295707.

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