Polyethylene Components; Standing up to the rigor of public transport

When the Engineering Manager of a local Bus Company approached Partwell, they already knew their exact requirement. They were in need of a manufacturer who could produce a design which they had created.

As a company that provides long haul transport for the public, their coaches needed to stand up to the rigour of everyday use.

The issue that they had been experiencing, was with the tray tables which are fixed to the reverse of each seat. Unfortunately, the tables were failing when loaded with beverages, posing a risk to the public if they brought hot drinks aboard.

Each table requires a stopper that provides support for the table, meaning that it can rest horizontally allowing passengers to rest food and drink. Unfortunately, the one already in place did not meet the standards required and failed.

Our Engineers working with your Engineers

The bus company’s Engineering Manager had drawn up a proposed design, creating a sample that they required machining from a material that would last. He visited our technicians to discuss the variety of material available, and with the advice of the CNC engineers, agreed that UHMWPE (Polyethylene) would be the most suitable Engineering Plastic for the application.

Engineering Plastic

Most commonly used for Conveyor parts such, as the bend, belt and track, UHMWPE was the most appropriate selection for this part. Also known as PE1000 grade, UHMWPE is a superior quality of polyethylene providing exceptional wear and abrasion resistance. PE1000 grade would be the perfect plastic for the everyday wear and tear that the part would endure on public transport.

For more information on Engineering Plastics, please download the Engineering Plastics guide available to download at the bottom of this page.

The Solution

As the Bus company had already designed their part, the CNC engineers were required to programme and replicate their design using CAD/CAM software.
The part was successfully replicated using the 5 axis CNC machine. Once replicated, it was sent to the Bus Company for trial. Further to approval of the sample, 100 parts were manufactured and delivered to the Bus Company within 7 working days.

A solid, reliable part was manufactured and successfully put into the coaches providing support for the drop-down table.
Not only, were the team able to supply a reliable part that reduced the risk of hot drinks being spilled on their coaches, but they were able to do so within the client’s budget.

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