Plastic Part for Conveyor Machine

The plastic parts in the featured images are tailor made chain guide blocks to be used on a conveyor machine in the food processing industry.

The food processing client had a new product to process, therefore they needed to make changes to their conveyor machine to make it fit for purpose.

Partwell engineers provided for design and CAD drawing assistance to enable the client to adjust their machine. 3D software simulations and the production of prototypes helped ensure that the final production run of the chain guide blocks was perfectly suitable for its application.

The bespoke plastic part was CNC machined on the 5-axis router from ultra-high density polyethylene, PE500 grade. Partwell engineers recommended this material for its high wearing properties and impact resistance, this grade of polyethylene is perfect for wearing machine parts.

Need a Solution?

Partwell engineers work closely with all clients to ensure that all product designs, material choices and machining methods are completely suitable for the application and budget.

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