CNC Machined PTFE Parts Saves the Customers Machine from Recycling

A Lancashire based client had a requirement to replace the plastic scraper blades on their food processing machine, however the original equipment manufacturer had discontinued the machine range and its spare parts.

The client’s machine was down and the future operation of the machine was bleak; the customer is a small family run business with only this one machine in operation, a replacement of the machine was in excess of £50,000.

The customer sent the current Teflon (PTFE) scraper blades to the Partwell plastic engineering department and the specialist engineers reverse engineered the component so that replacement scraper blades could be CNC machined.

Partwell CNC machined a set of PTFE scraper blades for the client. Using this type of local plastic engineering service means clients can purchase small volumes of plastic components; ideal for items such as machine guards, guides and blades etc.

The production turnaround time for UK engineered plastic parts can be quicker than purchasing OEM parts, which usually have high minimum order quantities too.

PTFE is better known as Teflon; this is the most appropriate material for high temperature food processing applications, not only does it maintain stability over a temperature range of -250°C to +250°C, it is also a unique non-stick material with significant mechanical strength. PTFE is also very easy to machine into bespoke plastic parts and holds a very good tolerance.

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